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Driven by the Pursuit of Excellence

      With over 30 years of experience our professionals have expertise in taking ideas to results.  Our experience spans diverse industries including: banking, commercial real estate, business services (B2B, B2B2C, B2C), hospitality, travel, restaurants, energy, manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, and staffing. No matter the industry, we are focused on ensuring the financial health and sustainability of our clients organizations.  
     Having lived through both economic expansions and downturns (Tech Bubble/Great Recession/COVID-19 Pandemic), and the current inflationary, rising rate, supply chain constrained, labor challenged environment, we have expertise in developing and effectively executing on strategic goals and operational initiatives in the areas of: mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, capital raising, finance transformation, risk management, analytics, digitization, technology enablement, supply chain performance, procurement, negotiations and contract management. 

     We have a track record of success in highly structured institutional, fast-paced rapidly changing entrepreneurial, and high-growth startup environments.

     With proven abilities in negotiating and closing multi-million dollar transactions, arranging highly structured debt financing, and raising equity capital to effectively meet the financial and business needs of diverse operations, we can do the same for you.

       Are you looking to expand internationally or into the States?  Give us a call, we can assist you in understanding the challenges, and how to address them based on your strategy.  We can assist in helping you set up your business, and introduce you to key advisors: bankers, CPA's, insurance broker's, and government agencies that will be critical relationships in guiding key decisions for your successful expansion.

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